funny video

It’s a truth universally recognized that a humorous, funny video has the ability to uplift anyone’s mood, no matter how badly their day is going. However, if you are someone who thinks that cat videos, baby videos, and really clever puns are for weak-minded, easily amused people and you have stumbled across our humble blog […]

Funny greeting cards

What is a greeting card? A greeting card can be defined as a piece of decorated paper having a variety of shapes and formats usually with an illustration or a photo expressing the sentiments of the sender such as joy, thanks, humor, love, and sympathy. The following types can be a greeting card: Anniversary card […]

Funny birthday cards

What is a birthday card? A birthday card is a type of greeting card having high-quality paper which is given to someone on their birthday. It contains a photo or illustration to convey best wishes to a person on his birthday. The birthday card is an occasion card, which is given to best friends on […]

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