Funny greeting cards

What is a greeting card?

A greeting card can be defined as a piece of decorated paper having a variety of shapes and formats usually with an illustration or a photo expressing the sentiments of the sender such as joy, thanks, humor, love, and sympathy. The following types can be a greeting card:

  • Anniversary card
  • Birthday card
  • Christmas card
  • Farewell card
  • Friendship card
  • Father’s day card
  • Get well soon card etc.

Why are greeting cards important?

Firstly and most importantly it creates a strong relationship between receiver and sender. As the receiver looks at the card he starts to think about the sender before reading the card. This is a psychological dimension between them from buying, selecting, and sending the card.

Greeting cards are used to blemish or spot out a special day of our lives and receiving wishes in a tangible way can increase our emotional attachment with the sender. You can recall your happiest moments at any time by reading those greeting cards. They are timeless; you can save them for a long period of time.

It increases the social bond between recipient and sender because a greeting card is a tangible thing that can be touched and kept as compared to social media messages.

funny greeting cards

It creates an emotional effect that the recipient thinks of himself far more special and thought they cared about than a text message. Just think for a while when you are dealing with daily routine mails and instantly you come across a colorful card (birthday card, annual holiday card), it will definitely boost up your mood. It will increase your loyalty to the business because you cared enough and remember him/her. 

Actually, greeting cards help us to express our love, joy, sentiments, thanks, humor, and all those emotions that we can not express verbally.

Humorous /Funny greeting cards:

Funny greeting cards are thick folded paper cards having some type of funny picture or amusing quote according to the occasion. Funny greeting cards are used to wish your best in a humorous or comical way to enhance their gaiety and cheerfulness.

With the growing popularity of ecards, many people think that why do they use greeting cards? Why do they use mail more than email? It’s obvious that email is much more convenient in any emergency or calamity, but funny greeting cards have their own charm and power which is discussed below. 

 There are too many reasons for using Funny greeting cards. Funny greeting cards can make people happy, for example, someone is too tired after doing a lot of daily routine work or has seen an accident, or maybe suffering from high load shedding. Just think how much it means to receive such a wonderful greeting card. It will definitely boost up the recipient’s mood and change their worst day into a memorable and good day.

Funny greeting cards will obviously show the recipient how important he is in the sender’s life. Sometimes you find yourself helpless to tell them how important they are or how you can make them laugh. Funny greeting cards are key to finding a solution. If you are sending a funny greeting card on your friend’s special day it will plainly give a chuckle on his face and will certainly change into a burst of louder laughter. Funny greeting cards are always eye-catchy and guaranteed a big smile because they have a tangible enchantress.  

Despite sending a text or multimedia message just grab a colored pencil and write a single heart-touching line to show your sympathy or love to the recipient. Their heart will grow three sizes more when the recipient receives such a funny greeting card. Other than many reasons, funny greeting cards have the ability to uplift recipient mood and make them laugh. Laughter is contemplated as a natural medicine that is favorable for physical and mental health. 

Physical benefits of laughter also come from watching funny greeting cards. Laughing increases the immune system relaxes the muscles and reduces body pain. Laughter lightens the mood and reduces anxiety and stress levels both mentally and physically.  Funny greeting cards are a great source of humor. Laughter does not come only from sharing jokes or spending time with friends, funny greeting cards are also a big source of laughter even when you are alone. 

Funny greeting cards make your life bubbly and light-hearted. Because after a long time when you feel boring or wearisome, a funny greeting card( you received a long time ago) makes you gleeful and jovial, as you start recalling a previous time when you received it, your relationship and emotional attachment with the sender, your celebrations on that day and your cackle after seeing a funny photo or a quote on the card. These all things boost up your mood and create a sense of joy and resilience in your general life.  Funny e-cards can be lost by misplacing files but personalized funny greeting cards can be kept for a long time tangibly so, you can recall memories at any time.

Funny greeting cards are a source of communication that you may not convey verbally. If the choice of a card hits the recipient’s feelings and thoughts, it will strengthen their social bonds and associate with the positive memories. On different occasions, your choice of funny greeting cards reflects a special touch on how you value your relationships. A handwritten card shows your care. You spend your precious time and emotional energy to find the perfect greeting card. A funny greeting card is much more lovely and a personal surprise to spend time writing on it. Funny greeting cards make your life joyous and sparkling. 

funny greeting cards can be a heel for depressed people. If your friend or family member is passing through a dejection phase, cheer them up. Send them funny greeting cards and encourage them, lighten up their mood in no time. A funny card may be having quote:

“You are so hard to buy gifts for, Fact 

So just enjoy this cheerfully selected card and the joy of having me in your life”

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